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Childlike Wonder is an album of alternative, progressive, electro-acoustic songs exploring themes of the human experience from mental health, social stigmas, death, identity to other heavy concepts through evocative lyrics and surreal musical riddles.   The music is decadent, introspective, raw, and thought-provoking. The words, which drove this record, delve into deep emotional and existential themes, urging listeners to reflect on their own experiences and perspectives. There is a sense of vulnerability and honesty present throughout the record, as I tried to stay unafraid to explore personal struggles, societal challenges, and the complexities of human relationships. The tone varies from melancholic to rebellious and challenging, creating a multifaceted and captivating musical journey that invites listeners to engage with their own emotions and the world around them.

Koda, who/what/why/
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Koda is an artist and possibly other things. This is my first truly "solo" record since my last release as I moved on from my old moniker No Hero, and pointed my identity as close to myself as a human as I could. It came together on the 8th floor of Greenhouse Berlin in my bedroom studio in 2023 which you can see pitcured in the photo. For this album I was able to channel various parts of my past, present, and perhaps future. Some ideas were captured in the classrooms I first dissociated in as a child, thanks to the generous support of The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet (which you can see in the last photo) who allowed me to spend a day on my alma mater. It's also important to acknowledge the immeasurable impact the album "Reanimation" by Linkin Park made on me 20 years ago, which lead to me choosing this path in life. Many of the words came from various points in my daily obsessions & distractions collected in notes. My late father's acoustic guitar found it's way into one song, and though he can't hear it, I feel this helped me involve him in my life. Similarlyl, there are many sentiments riddled into these songs, and I wonder what they will mean to those who this music speaks to. The album probably began forming around 2021 as I navigated my new life in Berlin through milestones and mental mishaps but really came together early 2023 after a few intense internal confrontations. I knew I had to create this album to make good on the gifts of my being and to capitalise on the beauty of the darker sides of life.

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Recommended: Headphones, HiFi, Stereo, Silence, Mood Lighting, Start-to-finish *not necessary, just a suggestion* , etc NOT recommended: Bluetooth speakers, phone speakers, noisy environments, patriarchy etc.

Koda (Batch 2007) recording day Jan 17 2023 by Navneeth Krishnan16.jpg

Once you've heard the music...

If you received this link, this means I value your input & influence in one or more ways, shapes or forms! Thank you for taking the time and energy to experience my work. This album is the most critical piece of work I've made, pushing my artistic limits and inspiring myself to trust the process more than ever before, and I have been working through this music with all the stoic love and gratitude I can summon in my body/mind/soul. /// It's probably hard to read this and listen to the music at the same time, in case you hit play and came here to start reading already ;) Maybe you can come read this later! /// As I work towards publishing and promoting this record, I would like to invite you to share your thoughts and experience with Childlike Wonder either directly or on bandcamp or socially, as you wish. I am looking for supporters & conspirators in getting this music to those who will resonate! I am looking for executive producers, event producers, brand collaborations, artist co-operations (remixes/shout-outs/etc), internet wizards, patrons and I am generally curious to know what you would like to bring to the table. No pressure though, Im happy enough to share this music with you. Also, if you have anyone in mind who I think I should talk to about this project, or any other artists who have similar projects for me to investigate, please let me know. I request you to reach me via email and we can schedule a call to discuss. Or you may prefer to connect with me on one of my social profiles.

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