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I'm Koda (Akhil Kodamanchili), a South Indian alternative artist and musician currently based in Berlin, Germany. My work plays with dark, moody and paradoxical themes with optimistic overtones across various mediums to create evocative and immersive experiences that often revolve around identity, mental health and existentialism among other light hearted topics. 

I am a multi-instrumentalist and a curious being with a thirst for impactful expression and in this portfolio you will find my work as a music composer, producer, designer, photographer and film maker to paint a holistic image of what I can bring to the table. I am interested in positions of leadership as well as positions of specialised contribution. 

You can reach me via email HERE 

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Music Production
& Post Production 

My approach to music production and post production is informed heavily by a strong sense of compassion for the vision of the artist and fuelled by my patience to become immersed in various styles of creativity in the spirit of authenticity. 

I have worked on 10+ albums & singles in various capacities over the last 7 year, often holding multiple responsibilities from concept to delivery, from recording to arranging to post production all while managing available resources to the best efficacy possible.

Thank you for your attention & consideration!
If you would like to discuss what value I can bring to your projects, please write me to schedule a call 

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