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The Art of Staring into Space


The Art of Staring into Space is an ambient, live looping, improvised performance project by Koda. It blurs the lines between sound and music with decadent textures and layers birthing, evolving and disappearing over each session. The sessions are numbered or have some identification system but as such have no names. 


Since this style of music is non-rhythmic, and extremely textural in nature, your perception of it will change greatly across different listening environments & systems. Please consider using headphones/ earphones for the first time!

In Case of Speakers, finding the right loudness would be greatly beneficial to your experience! Bon Voyage! 

As the song began, I found myself drawn to examining and interpreting the textures and tones of all the various sounds. As the bouncing, sharp guitar slowly descends into windy, more ambient textures, I found myself drawn to naturally shut my eyes. The experience left me feeling uplifted, floating, with sharp distorted background noises periodically pushing me back into reality. The music ushered me into re-examining an already slightly psychedelic dream I had last night, with the visuals repeating themselves in black and white. Concentric circles filled with images pulsating outwards, infinitely. I then opened my eyes as the background noise began ascending and descending constantly, in various different textures. I felt surrounded by the lines of music and drawn towards the sharper, background noises, fixating on them and observing each one in its respective corner of the soundscape. Then, as the track approached its almost operatic conclusion, the ascending and descending lines captured me once again, now almost haunting, enveloping me rather than surrounding me. As the echo recedes, I find myself still drawn towards those same lines, and I take a second to return to the real world.

Rahul Menon - Kyojin


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