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Hello & welcome to Koda's alternative music and art corner in the seemingly infinite world of the internet!

It's okay to feel a little excited, or lonely or eccentric, or whatever you are feeling right now. And if you aren't sure, you are encouraged to take a moment to reflect, for in this currently overstimulated world we tend to neglect this act. 

Themes that are existential, dancing with identity, purpose and various anomalies live here waiting for you to play with them.

You might find yourself at ease as you take your time and find ways you wish to engage - with art, artist or community. 

So, what next? 

Want to join the email list and you'll get an occasional update when I release new art, music or other creations for you to experience.  It's totally FREE to get connected! 

You can also find social connections below!

Also, if you're seeing this, you're an early adopter and it's great to have your faith and support! 


Thank you and welcome to the loop! 



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